3 Alternative Natural Sweeteners That Can Easily Replace Sugar

With the new year around the corner, many of us want to make a healthier switch. Start with sugar. Try these natural sweetener alternatives that can replace sugar.

Many people use refined sugar in their diets every day. While it’s natural to crave sweetness, refined sugars can lead to various health complications, such as increasing your risk of heart disease, obesity, dementia, and certain types of cancer.

Moreover, refined sugars are much harder for your body to process.

That is among the many reasons why people switch to natural sweeteners. If you want to hop on the bandwagon, you should know about the alternative natural sweeteners that can easily replace sugar.

Jar of honey - sugar alternative

Maple Syrup

It may seem surprising to read that you can use maple syrup as a multi-use sweetener, but it’s delicious. Many might shy away from maple syrup since its flavor can be quite one-note, but that’s likely because we associate it with waffles and flapjacks.

If you use maple syrup as your sweetener, you should expect an added nutty depth of flavor to your meal or drink.


If you want a no-frills sweetener that tastes similar to sugar, you need to go with honey.

Honey has a dynamic flavor that you can use in a number of tasty drinks that you’ll enjoy. Honey can sweeten all your beverages, from tea to coffee to a late-night spirit, my favorite of the sugar alternatives.

The best part about honey is that it never goes bad. You might think that it’s bad once it crystalizes, but that’s incorrect; it’s still edible.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is still a little-known natural sweetener alternative you can use to replace sugar. However, when you try this sweetener, you’ll wonder why it’s not more popular.

Agave nectar comes from the blue agave plant, the same plant that makes tequila.

Most agave nectars are thin yet viscous, and they come in a variety of hues that indicate their flavors. Usually, darker nectars will have a more intense caramel flavor in comparison to lighter ones.

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