4 Sweet Tips for Purchasing the Best Honey

Honey is one of the most popular sweeteners worldwide, but not all honey products are equal. Check out a few sweet tips for purchasing the best high-quality honey.

You may think it’s is all the same, but not all those bottles and jars have the same contents. Whether you use it daily or just a few times each year, you should understand the differences between various types and brands.

Honey is the perfect sweet ingredient, but you may not get the incredible health benefits unless you know these sweet tips for purchasing the best. Follow along to pick out the one that’s right for you! 

Best honey to buy

Choose Unpasteurized or Raw Options 

Although honey comes from the hive initially, many of the producers use a heating process—known as pasteurization—that may damage the enzymes and beneficial properties of the natural stuff.

Look for unpasteurized or raw options that skip this process. Pasteurized options are simple sugars without the extra health benefits; choose raw!

If you’re unsure about your selection, there are various ways to tell the difference between raw and artificial honey. All it takes is a few simple tests you can do at home.

Check the Ingredients Label 

Although the front label may say a product is 100 percent honey, you should always check the back of the bottle too. Even though it may be pure, the manufacturers must still put the ingredient list on the packaging.

If it is genuine, honey should be the only ingredient. If not, you should consider a different product that only contains good sticky stuff.

Consider the Location 

While you may think all of this sticky sweet stuff is the same, regardless of where it came from, other countries may have different standards.

Purchasing it from your own country is a fantastic way to support the economy and ensure the product follows the criteria you’re familiar with.

Although foreign honey isn’t always a bad thing, sticking to domestic options ensures you’re getting quality. 

Pro Tip

Purchasing local honey from your home county is an excellent way to support local beekeepers, but the local pollen in the product may also help you combat seasonal allergies.

Think Twice About the Container

Most people don’t think much about the packaging their food comes in, but it’s a significant factor.

You should avoid purchasing honey in plastic bottles because the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the product.

Instead, opt for glass, as it’s a much safer option for food storage. If you buy your honey in plastic containers, consider transferring it to a glass jar to minimize the effects of the plastic.

Knowing these sweet tips for purchasing the right one will help you find the highest quality and grade honey available.

Although you can buy it from a grocery store, consider purchasing it raw locally from a beekeeper to enjoy the purest form possible.

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