How to Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes When Using Loading Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers make washing the dishes more efficient, but there are a few things you want to avoid. Here are common mistakes to avoid when loading and using your dishwasher.

Washing the dishes is an essential chore in every household. But there are a few errors that you might make that can impact how clean your dishes get during washes.

Here are common mistakes to avoid when using your dishwasher.

How to - Tips on Loading the Dishwasher

Loading the Dishwasher Incorrectly

The first mistake to avoid is loading the dishwasher incorrectly. It may seem easiest and quickest to cram all your dishes into the machine.

However, overloading your dishwasher will result in dishware that is not as clean as it could be.

Instead, only put as many dishes into the machine as will fit comfortably. Be sure to face your dishes toward the spray arm and space your utensils evenly, so they all get cleaned thoroughly. 

Not Cleaning Your Dishwasher

Not cleaning your dishwasher is another common error many people make. You may think your dishwasher is cleaning itself while cleaning your dishes, but this is not the case.

Bits of food and debris can collect in the machine, and mold or mildew can grow. Therefore, it’s essential to perform regular cleanings on your dishwasher to ensure your dishes get as clean as possible.

To clean your dishwasher, fill a container with one cup of vinegar, place it on the top rack of an otherwise empty dishwasher, and run a washing cycle.

Once the cycle has completed, pour a cup of baking soda into the bottom of the dishwasher, and run another washing cycle. 

You can also remove the spray arm to clean and eliminate any clogs. Regularly cleaning your machine is one of the best ways to troubleshoot dishwashers that aren’t cleaning dishes properly.

Putting the Wrong Things in the Dishwasher

You also want to avoid putting the wrong things in the dishwasher. Dishwashers certainly make washing most dishes much quicker and more efficient.

However, there are some items that you should clean by hand. 

For example, never put wooden dishware or utensils in the dishwasher, as it can cause them to crack. Some other items you should hand wash include cast iron, crystal, delicate china, and acrylic dishware.

It helps to check if your items are dishwasher safe before putting them in the machine.

Using Too Much Dish Detergent

And finally, using too much dish detergent is another thing to steer clear of when washing dishes. The common thought is that the more detergent, the cleaner the dish. But this is not true.

Using too much detergent can leave a residue on your dishes, which you may taste when using them later. 

A small amount of dish soap goes a long way, so you don’t need to use more than necessary when washing the dishes. Your dishes will get cleaner and be free of films and residues.

Now that you know what to avoid when loading your dishwasher, you can steer clear of these common errors.

When you follow these helpful tips, you will have cleaner dishes in better condition, and your dishwasher will last longer too.

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