The Food Connection: 3 Ways That Food Connects People From Around the World

Many people enjoy food from different cultures and regions of the world. Various aspects of the food we eat connect individuals on a global scale.

We eat numerous dishes and foods that have a rich history, background, and culture. Food and the culinary art surrounding it have a deep connection that binds people globally.

Understanding these aspects will give us a better understanding of the various traits many of us have.

Food connection - bringing people together

A Language We All Understand

Our world has multiple universal topics that allow us to relate and find a middle ground. Food is a great subject that many of us agree with and understand in its importance of sustaining life and its taste. 

Many of us enjoy having a cooked meal with a delicious taste and a nourishing effect, which is just one way that food connects us worldwide.

Whether you are young, old, or come from a different upbringing, food is a language many of us have spoken and understand.

A Shared Experience of the Senses

When we eat food, we experience a multitude of sensations that stimulate our minds, such as taste and smell.

A spicy curry with soft naan will give you a large influx of flavors and smells as you chew. Sharing a meal with people will create a shared experience that makes them understand that you have a similar experience of the senses. 

A good meal will put people in a good mood and help them share their feelings with others with similar thoughts.

The food connection brings people worldwide together with an almost irrefutable idea of a good time, as very few people don’t enjoy the pleasures of good food.

Similar Backgrounds and Origins

We all have a unique ancestry that spans centuries, and in that history comes a background of teachings, culture, and traditions.

Food is an aspect of someone’s history that has made its way into the present. Certain dishes have a background that stems from different groups’ various regional and historical differences creating a food connection.

Many of those dishes share certain common ingredients across the globe, such as beef, chicken, rice, and fruit.

For example, jerky is a common food that many people recognize and enjoy. Different jerky from around the world has similarities and differences, mainly in the type of meat, various preparation methods used, and added ingredients and spices. 

Some may enjoy a beef jerky with lemon pepper smoked over an applewood fire, or an elk biltong from Africa or Australia cooked with vinegar.

Numerous other dishes exist, such as soups and bread; each continent or region may have different textures and tastes, but they all share a common theme.

From these shared traits, we may find common ground with each other and share our knowledge of food from a cultural or historical background.

Food is a wonderful world aspect that many people know and cherish.

There are hundreds of different combinations of spices, ingredients, and entrees to try and share amongst ourselves. And through this sharing, many of us may connect worldwide and forge quality relationships with great taste.

Recipes to Try:

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