4 Tips On How To Properly Organize Your Refrigerator

It may be tempting to just throw groceries into the fridge wherever there’s space, but the food may not stay fresh. Here are 4 tips on how to properly organize your fridge.

If you’ve noticed the items in your fridge are not staying fresh as long as they should, it might be time to rethink how you’re storing things.

How to orgainize your refrigerator

Your refrigerator has certain places that are naturally warmer or cooler, and it’s a good idea to plan your fridge layout accordingly. Keep reading to discover how to properly organize your refrigerator.

The Door: Condiments

The door of your fridge is one of the warmer spots because it has the most contact with the warmer air outside your fridge.

This makes it a great place to organize the things that need to go in the refrigerator but won’t spoil quickly. Think condiments, store-bought sauces, kinds of vinegar, and cooking wines.

The Top Shelf: Eggs and Spreads

The top shelf is another spot in your refrigerator that’s warmer than the rest of the space.

Use this section for eggs and other things like hummus, dips, and cream cheese spreads. They won’t go bad very quickly, but they do need to be in the fridge.

Lower Shelves: Meat and Dairy

Depending on which kind of fridge you have, there may be additional shelves inside just under the top shelf to help you organize your refrigerator.

Whichever is the lowest shelf is where you want to put your meat and dairy products such as milk, sour cream, and whipping cream. These items need to be very cold so that they don’t spoil, and the bottom half of your fridge is generally cooler than the top.

The Crisper: Fruits and Veggies

Where you store produce is a bit of a controversy in the world on how you should properly organize your refrigerator. On the one hand, produce lasts longer in the crisper, but you’re also more likely to forget about it.

Our solution is to remove produce from its packaging so you can clearly see it through the crisper drawers.

The internet loves to show off pictures of color-coded fridges and other aesthetic arrangements, but the best fridge organization is practical, not pretty.

Use these tips to properly organize your refrigerator and keep those groceries as fresh as possible.

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