Summertime Fun and Smithfield Yuengling Bratwurst

Smithfield® Yuengling® Bratwurst are perfect for your summertime fun! Read more at Little Figgy Food about #BeerBrats with @SmithfieldBrand and @Yuengling_Beer. #ad
Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smithfield®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Bratwurst! Beer! Summer! BBQs! Poolside! All at one time.

Beautifully grilled Smithfield® Yuengling® Bratwurst, the answer to your summertime BBQs. Read more at Little Figgy Food about #BeerBrats with @SmithfieldBrand and @Yuengling_Beer. #ad
One of the best things about summer is being able to get outdoors and play. Think about it, as adults we typically don’t have the time to unwind, then summer rolls around, and by golly gee you better believe we will come up with as many excuses to get out there and enjoy ourselves.

I think one of the easiest ways to enjoy the summer with family and friends is at the beach or poolside, with our grills at the ready to cook up some amazing food. Now, add in some iced cold drinks and a gorgeous lager and it’s the perfect mix to create brilliant memories.

This summer our poolside lunch menu is pretty straight forward, Smithfield® Yuengling® Bratwurst, some crispy chips, fruit, and to perfectly compliment the meal, Yuengling® Lager! Seriously, so easy and full of summer flavor that will make your summer plans stress free.

Whether you have access to a pool, lake, river, ocean or none of the above, you can definitely indulge in some fun summer play. These are my suggestions to make the most your summer play time:

Open Air/Dive In Movie:

  • Simply tack up a white sheet to your garage door, on one of the sides of your house or shed, or even stake it securely between a couple of poles or trees. If you really want to add a special touch, you can use strings of lights to hang magically around your yard.
  • If you have a movie projector, you’re all set, otherwise you can rent one.
  • Pick an appropriate movie for everyone, be mindful of the little ones that might be around.
  • Use your lawn chairs (or have everyone bring their own if you’re running short of seating), or if you are poolside, use pool floats and enjoy the movie.

Enjoy a Few Games:

  • Play a game of old fashioned catch.
  • How about pulling out some of those old board games.
  • Enjoy a game of bocce ball.
  • Don’t forget FRISBEE!

Beautifully grilled Smithfield® Yuengling® Bratwurst, the answer to your summertime BBQs. Read more at Little Figgy Food about #BeerBrats with @SmithfieldBrand and @Yuengling_Beer. #ad
For the Food and Drinks (In other words, here’s THE grocery list): 

  • Smithfield Yuengling Bratwurst, get plenty because they will be a hit.
  • Plenty of fruit, such as watermelon, berries and peaches, simply drizzle them with some honey and enjoy them as is or throw them on the grill to amp up your grilling game.
  • Lots of veggies like corn, summer squash, peppers, onions or whatever you love. These too can be cooked up on the grill to continue that grillin’ summer theme.
  • Keep everyone hydrated with plenty of fruit infused waters, and let’s not forget those who are “adulting,” and treat them to ice cold beers, Yuengling Lager or you can go with Yuengling Light Lager if you’d prefer. Both of which are the perfect pairing with the bratwurst!
  • Your favorite chips and dips and maybe some popcorn for those that must have popcorn with their movie.
  • For those needing sweets, make sure you have some easy goodies such as brownies or cookies ready for them to grab and go.
  • Then head to Kroger with this list! If you don’t live near a Kroger, there are other great stores such as Food 4 Less, Dillon’s or Owen’s that you can trust. Y’all, I have to admit that I’m at Kroger 4 – 5 times a week easily, they know me in there, and are always so kind, plus they are brilliant at keeping everything in stock.

Smithfield® Yuengling® Bratwurst make up the best BBQs, pair them with Yuengling®Lager for the best cold beers anywhere. Read more at Little Figgy Food about #BeerBrats with @SmithfieldBrand and @Yuengling_Beer. #ad
You know those little treasures you find that you just can’t get enough of?

For me, it’s this: Smithfield Craft Collection™ Yuengling Bratwurst! They taste so amazing and yes, they are completely infused with Yuengling’s Lager beer, hence oh so YUM! So it only makes perfect sense that Yuengling’s Lager beer is ideal to accompany the bratwurst. The bratwurst is only made with premium cuts of pork, they not only infuse it with Yuengling’s Lager, but they add in a special blend of savory sweet spices, keeping out the MSG, thank you very much.

Try Smithfield® Yuengling® Bratwurst, the answer to your summertime BBQs. Read more at Little Figgy Food about #BeerBrats with @SmithfieldBrand and @Yuengling_Beer. #ad
Want to buy it? Grab this coupon, CLICK HERE, which can save you $1.00 when you purchase ONE (1) Smithfield Yuengling Bratwurst, 19 oz. Then go to your local Kroger, and make your way to the meat case section and voila, you’re all set. Don’t forget to pick up some of the lovely amber colored Yuengling Lager, which has that subtle sweetness from the roasted caramel malt. Nice!

A little trivia for you, did you know?

  • America’s oldest brewery is straight out of Pottsville, Pa, where they brew Yuengling Lager.
  • The ham capital of the world can be found in Smithfield, VA … yes, you guessed it, Smithfield is located there.

Both are completely steeped in that slower-paced kind of tradition that shines through in what they make. 

I wish you all a safe and happy summer, now let’s play!

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  1. Yummmm! My husband would love these bratwursts, maybe with a homemade pretzel on the side!! You’re giving me some great ideas for this weekend 🙂 Thanks!

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