The 5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

If you want to know what foods not to store in a refrigerator, here’s a list of the five foods you should never place or store in the fridge.

Here are 5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Not all of the foods you see at the grocery store have to be refrigerated. If you’ve recently noticed a strange odor in your fridge, the culprit could be something that’s not supposed to be in there in the first place. Here’s a refresher on what foods you should never refrigerate.

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Yes, some people put coffee in the fridge because they believe it keeps the grounds fresh. Truthfully, if you leave coffee in the refrigerator, it can actually cause the coffee to lose its flavor and freshness. In turn, this can cause your morning coffee to taste and smell like last week’s dinner.

Instead, store your coffee grounds in a cool, dark place. Additionally, if you often buy coffee in bulk, you can keep the extras in the freezer.


People often put their extra potatoes in the fridge. However, when you leave potatoes in the refrigerator for an extended period, the starch in them can quickly turn to sugar, resulting in your potatoes becoming sweet and gritty. Place your potatoes in a paper bag and store them in a cool area.


Despite how common it is for people to store their onions in the fridge, doing so can actually accelerate mold growth and lead to soft onions.

No one likes moldy food, so next time, consider storing your onions in a cool area—but keep them separate from the potatoes, as they both deteriorate faster when stored together.


The reason you should never place honey in the refrigerator is that it can harden and crystallize. Crystallized honey isn’t bad, per se, but it doesn’t taste as good. To store it properly, all you need to do is keep it sealed and in a dry area.


You may notice herbs in the cooler aisles at the store and assume you need to keep them in the fridge. Wrong! Placing any type of leafy green (except lettuce) can cause the vegetables or herbs to wilt more quickly.

Instead, it’s better to let them sit in a bowl filled with water, hang them from a wire, or even pop them in the freezer. Spices, foods, and herbs—oh, my!

There’s so much to know when you’re learning what foods you should never refrigerate. However, this knowledge can help you solve the mystery of what’s making your fridge smell rancid. So take another look and make a mental note of what to leave out of the fridge.

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