The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Specialty Coffee Beans

The type of coffee you brew can change the way you experience it. Discover some of the top benefits of purchasing specialty coffee beans instead of a store brand.

The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Specialty Coffee Beans

If you’re looking to really enjoy your coffee-drinking experience, you shouldn’t use just any coffee beans. Mass-produced coffee products are very convenient, but they always seem to lack the flavor, richness, and depth that a specialty blend provides. 

With characteristics from more remote areas of the globe, even the smallest batches of these beans can bring a series of advantages to your morning routine. In fact, by the end of this piece, you may even decide it’s well worth the extra cost.

These are the top benefits of purchasing specialty coffee beans over other varieties.

Specialty Coffee Beans

Superior Quality

First and foremost, you gain a superior coffee bean. As we briefly mentioned, many specialty coffee beans come from more remote areas of the world—locations are known for their unique soil concentrations and smaller coffee farms.

Since coffee doesn’t natively grow in these types of soil, batches are a fraction of the size of batches from most mainstream brands.

This works to your advantage in that you’re gaining a much higher-quality product. With smaller farms to manage, growers have the time to take ideal care of each plant, maximizing their yield, reducing loss, and promoting the desired flavors.

Diverse Flavor Options

Speaking of flavors, specialty coffee beans have them in spades. From rich, dark roasts to lighter, subtler notes, these beans have their own unique palates for you to choose from. Depending on the blend and roast, many of them can even mimic the flavor of chocolate or fruit.

Tanzanian peaberry coffee is one such blend. Grown in tropical Tanzanian climate, peaberry plants produce only a single coffee bean per bud instead of the typical two.

This makes the flavor much more defined and gives each cup of coffee a dose of natural sweetness that enthusiasts can’t get enough of.

Support for Independent Growers

In buying specialty coffee instead of stock, you’re helping independent coffee growers stay afloat. Producing coffee in the world’s driest, wettest, and highest-altitude locations doesn’t come without struggle.

As such, these farmers need as much help as possible to keep growing their plants and shipping the coffee to your door.

Purchasing from these smaller suppliers rather than from larger brands ensures that your money goes directly to the people who need it most. Additionally, the more you buy, the more options you may have for acquiring specialty coffee in the future.

Customizable Orders

Another noteworthy benefit of purchasing specialty coffee beans is that you can customize your orders to your exact tastes. Since many of these coffee brands are available only online, you have the convenience of shopping for your favorite flavors while lounging on the couch.

You can also better research the distinct flavors, aromas, and textures for which you’re searching to more effectively narrow down the right brand for your needs.

Regardless of your preferences, the vast world of coffee is yours to explore with just a few simple taps.

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