Yummiest Foods To Bring to a Bonfire Party

Balancing tradition with novelty is vital when thinking about the yummiest foods to bring to a bonfire party. Here are three ideas for your next bonfire!

Ideas for the Yummiest Foods To Bring to a Bonfire Party

There is nothing more nostalgic than sitting around a fire with loved ones and eating delicious foods. It makes sense because people have gathered around fires since the beginning of caveman times, celebrating a successful hunt, warmth, and another day to see the sun.

Roasting marshmallows over fire, tasty bonfire foods.

These days, we have the luxury of preparing meals in a kitchen and storing extra in the fridge. It can be tempting to bring whatever you have on hand to a bonfire party, but some special items are better than others. Here are the most practical and yummiest foods to bring to a bonfire party.

Hot Chocolate

Although not technically a food, this beverage is still a crowd favorite. There are a couple of ways you can go about serving this.

With the fire blazing strong, you could boil some water right then and there. If you have the supplies, this would be great! How often do people get fire-boiled water?

Once it’s ready, pour it individually into everyone’s mugs for them to mix with some cocoa mix. If strapped for time or looking for an easier option, make a big batch ahead of time to serve up once you arrive.


Also referred to as Mexican street corn, this dish will blow away plain salt and buttered corn-on-the-cob. It can be a little on the messy side to eat, but it’s worth it. Before you head to the bonfire, prepare some mayo, lime juice, black pepper, chili powder, cilantro, and salt in a container. 

Then you can grill the corn over the fire with the husks on, turning it regularly for about 10-15 minutes.

Once it’s charred to perfection, remove the husks from the corn, lather on your pre-mixed mayo blend, sprinkle with cotija cheese, and enjoy! You could also prep a corn dip similarly by removing the corn from the cob into a bowl and mixing it with the sauce.


No bonfire is complete without some treats to go along with it. Whether you are hosting the bonfire party or just a guest, no fire would live out its purpose without some s’mores or banana boats.

However, to create a spin on the traditional specialties, try substituting with white chocolate, peanut butter, or other favorite candy bars instead of plain milk or dark chocolate.

When you plan for the yummiest foods to bring to a bonfire party, you ensure that everyone’s tummies are warm and satisfied.

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