3 Sweet Substitutes To Help Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

Are you looking for ways to eat healthier while still satisfying your sweet tooth? Here are some sweet substitutes to help reduce your sugar consumption.

3 Sweet Substitutes To Help Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

Cutting out sugar is hard, especially for people with a strong sweet tooth. While sugar is perfectly fine to enjoy in moderation, too much can cause various health problems down the line.

Finding ways to reduce your sugar intake is essential to living a healthy life.

Limiting sugar doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorite treats, though; instead, you can find alternatives to sugar that are just as tasty. Kick your cravings with these sweet substitutes to help reduce your sugar consumption.

Jars of sugar substitutes - honey


Dates are dried fruits that come from date palm trees. These fruits are equally delicious and nutritious since they are full of incredible vitamins and antioxidants.

You can add dates to your recipes in place of sugar or eat them on their own as a candy substitute!

Instead of sweetening your morning smoothies with sugar, try blending some dates in with your ingredients. You can also put a healthy spin on your cakes and cookies by incorporating these fruits into your recipes.


Honey is an ancient ingredient that people use in so many holistic health practices across the world. Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s a perfect sugar alternative that has many health benefits.

Most honey has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that people need to improve their well-being.

Try adding honey to your tea or other beverages to sweeten them without sugar. You can also use honey in various recipes as a sweet substitute to help reduce your sugar consumption.


Did you know that you can replace sugar with applesauce and other fruit purees in your baking? It might seem surprising since most people associate applesauce with baby food, but it’s an easy and healthy way to get that sweet taste without all of that added sugar.

Even though fruits create their own natural sugars, they are still better than refined sugars that spike your blood sugar.

Sugar-Free Treats

If you’re still unable to satisfy your sweet tooth, most sweet treats nowadays come in sugar-free options. While some get their sweetness from artificial sugars, others use natural sugar replacements to give you that same yummy taste you know and love.

Try looking for sugar-free versions of classic candies to combat your cravings. You can also find low or zero-sugar yogurts, sodas, and desserts that contain fewer calories while being just as sweet.

No matter your reasons, everyone can benefit from reducing their sugar intake. Next time you find yourself reaching for that white treasure, try opting for one of these tasty alternatives instead.

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