Top 5 Exotic Fruits You Never Knew Existed

Although you’re probably familiar with several fruits, you might not know about the countless fruits that exist outside of the US. Discover a few here!

You’re most likely used to enjoying apples, bananas, strawberries, and oranges, but there are endless fruit options around the world. These options may not taste like the fruits you know and love; however, they’re worth a try if you’re looking for more variety in your daily routine.

Exotic Fuit - Dragon Fruit

Here are Our Top 5 Favorite Exotic Fruits You Never Knew Existed

Check out the top five exotic fruits you never knew existed and consider eating them on their own or combining them with some of your seasonal favorites.


Rambutans have a rather spiky-but-soft exterior, making them appear as animated creatures from a movie or video game. Past their hairy skin, there’s a fruit that tastes similar to a grape.

These fruits are relatively common in places like Vietnam and Malaysia. People usually sell them fresh at farmers’ markets, but they also make for great jams and jellies.


Longans are very popular in China. Many people refer to them as the Dragon’s Eye because they look like a simple eye when you open their shells.

Interestingly, longans belong to the same family as lychees but have a slightly different and less tropical flavor. These are a common go-to for Asian soups, but longans are also great for eating fresh or dried as well.


Persimmons are orange or red on the exterior, and they resemble a tomato or a pepper. However, their flavor is very sweet and tangy.

Persimmons are incredible fruits to eat fresh on their own, but they also make an excellent addition to many other dishes. 

Although they aren’t a common fruit, you can grow them yourself in the US. Discover the versatility of persimmon trees and what you can do when you have this fruit in your backyard.

Dragon Fruit 

You’ve probably heard of dragon fruit, and you might’ve even had snowcones or dragon fruit-flavored cocktails. However, you’ve most likely never tried the fruit itself.

This fruit has a stunning pink exterior with a white interior and tiny black seeds. These seeds give them a similar texture to kiwis, but the flavor is relatively subtle yet sweet.


Lulo fruits are incredibly interesting because they resemble an orange on the exterior and a green tomato on the inside. However, the flavor is a cross between lime and rhubarb.

Fascinatingly, many people have proposed lulo as a worldwide fruit, but a few issues make availability challenging to maintain. They’re difficult to grow on a large scale, and farmers must harvest them before they’re ripe because they become fragile.

Although there are hundreds and maybe even thousands more fruits in the world, these top five exotic fruits you never knew existed are worth trying if you get a chance.

While you might want to stay in your comfort zone by eating only familiar fruits, the world offers many delicious and fascinating exotic fruits to choose from.

A Few Tasty to Try:

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