Top Ways To Avoid Over-Seasoning Your Meats

Learn the top ways to avoid over-seasoning your meats and make a tasty meal that you’ll be proud of—don’t use water to wash down the saltiness of your meats.

Top Ways To Avoid Over-Seasoning Your Meats

Whipping up a delicious meal takes time, but it’s easy to over-season your food when you’re in a rush (or you don’t know what you’re doing). That first bite of over-seasoned meat is the reason you’re here. We know.

Seasoning steak

Here are some top ways to avoid over-seasoning your meats so your family can think you did it all by yourself and didn’t just Google it.

Taste As You Go

Whether you’re preparing a meal for a fun family BBQ or a Tuesday night dinner, it’s important to taste your food as you go—that’s what a proper chef does! When you taste your food, you’ll feel like a real chef in your kitchen.

Tasting the food as you cook will allow you to mix up the seasoning, counter too-salty portions with other ingredients, and get to lick the spoon. But try not to lick the spoon if you’re cooking for anyone other than yourself.

Ask for Different Opinions

If you’re okay with letting other people into your kitchen while you cook, and it doesn’t disturb your process, try letting someone else taste it and give some feedback. That way, you can adjust the recipe if necessary.

Use Lemon and Fresh Herbs

Don’t underestimate the power of freshly squeezed lemon. The zesty taste can easily spice up any dish, making it easier to add on a limited amount of seasoning from there.

Fresh herbs provide more freshness to your meal than store-bought seasonings in a jar. Chances are that the condiment you bought from the store contains a few more unnecessary ingredients.

Meats To Try Making at Home

There are many meals you can make using a variety of delicious meats. If you’re looking to try your hand at brisket, you’ll need to know what herbs and spices to use to avoid over-seasoning it.

If you’re hoping to make healthier food, the best proteins to practice with are chicken and ground turkey (use this instead of ground beef—it tastes the same).

There are hundreds of savory recipes that you can cook using the said proteins. You’ll not only be proud of yourself for eating healthy but also for not over-seasoning them!

No matter what meat you cook, it’ll always be easy to over-season it, but with these helpful tips, you’ll know the top ways to avoid over-seasoning your meats. Now get out there and start cooking!

Tasty Recipes to Try:

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