Allergy Home Remedies That Are in Your Kitchen Pantry

These allergy home remedies aren’t going to send you on a wild goose chase through your local specialty market. Most ingredients are already in your pantry!

Allergy Home Remedies That Are in Your Kitchen Pantry

Allergies are tedious, annoying, and frustrating. After years of exposure, you might have built up more of an immunity to the medications you rely on to ease symptoms than the pollen that’s bothering you! Luckily for sniffling allergy sufferers, there are multiple allergy home remedies that are in your kitchen pantry waiting to save the day without breaking the bank.

Local Honey - a natural home remedies for allergies

The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar

Whether in a honey glaze for chicken breasts or a beet brine for pickling, apple cider vinegar is a kitchen pantry ingredient that can do far more than add a splash of flavor.

Mixing apple cider vinegar into a glass of water with lemon or syrup (to make the tart, woody flavor more palatable) breaks down mucus in the throat and allows you to breathe easy again.

Local Honey Combats Local Allergies

The bees that create the honey you buy feed on and coat themselves in pollen—the same pollen that leaves your household irritated and itchy.

While a bit of honey will certainly soothe a sore throat or complement a warm tea (more on that later), the real impact local honey has on your allergies is helping you build an immunity to pollen.

By consuming the pollen-laden local, raw honey regularly, your body can adjust to the presence of pollen and react less aggressively when it enters your lungs or lands on your skin. The particles may still irritate you, but local honey consumption alleviates symptoms.

Tea With Natural Antihistamines

A great way to incorporate allergy-relieving local honey into your diet is to use it in teas. The teas with the greatest impact on your allergies come from plants that naturally contain antihistamines, the drug you buy over the counter to combat symptoms.

Stinging nettle is the most iconic allergy-relief tea, but the taste isn’t everyone’s favorite. Butterbur, turmeric, and ginger teas also do their part to relieve symptoms, like inflamed nasal passageways. Adding natural sweeteners or incorporating these teas into others improves the flavor without negating the effects.

Each of these allergy home remedies in your kitchen pantry can assist with non-pollen allergies as well. Many of the symptoms of pollen allergies are the same as mold allergies, which don’t get better when you escape the outdoors, or pet allergies, which get worse around our hairy friends.

Having your pantry stocked with high-quality honey, unique teas, and a jug of apple cider vinegar is a great way to get through nose and throat irritation, no matter the cause.

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