Delicious Breakfast Foods from Around the World

Are you bored with eating your typical breakfast every day?

Explore some delicious breakfast foods from around the world and expand your horizons!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it can also be the most
satisfying. Many of us are guilty of skipping the first meal of the day or choosing
something quick, but some people enjoy eating comforting meals when they wake

Are you looking for new ways to start your mornings? Check out these delicious
breakfast foods from around the world. Not every culture begins its days with sugary
cereal or fast-food sandwiches—there’s an entire world of breakfasts out there to

French pastries for breakfast


Of course, the French begin their days with a decadent but fluffy choice: croissants
Sometimes filled with delicious chocolate, the French croissant is always a welcome
sight in the early morning. A fresh baguette with a pat of butter or a sweeter option
such as jam, jelly, or preserves is also acceptable.


If you’ve never had shakshuka before, you haven’t lived. This dish of poached eggs
swimming in a tomato sauce flavored with cumin, paprika, and chili pepper is
a staple of Israeli breakfasts. Be sure to invite friends and family members to
share—communal eating is prevalent, stemming from farming communities called


For seafood-lovers, the national dish of Jamaica is ackee and saltfish, specifically
salt cod. Ackee comes from the same family as lychee; the taste is slightly nutty but
with the slight sweetness of a pea.

Sautéed together with peppers, tomatoes, and spices, salt fish and ackee balance
each other’s flavors. Bread and fried plantains accompany the dish when served.


If you love tiny dishes, you might like breakfast in Korea. Breakfast is an array of side
dishes called banchan.

You’ll find banchan in the center of the breakfast table with sides of rice, kimchi, and
various soups. Some examples of banchan include namul, marinated or steamed
vegetables, and gyeran-mari, a rolled omelet.


A dish that varies depending on the region, chilaquiles is a traditional food you’ll find
as the day begins in Mexico. Corn tortillas are cut and fried before being cooked in
salsa or the more flavorful mole sauce.

After the tortillas have absorbed the sauce, the chef tops them with garnishes; crema, queso fresco, chicken, and a fried egg are typical chilaquiles toppings.

These dishes are only a fraction of all the delicious breakfast foods from around the

Which one will you choose to enjoy this weekend?

Here are some delicious recipes to try for breakfast or brunch:

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