Easy Tips for Organizing a Holiday Baking Schedule

The holidays are here, and it’s time for seasonal baking! Before whipping out the pie tins, check out these tips for organizing a holiday baking schedule.

Easy Tips for Organizing a Holiday Baking Schedule

The holiday season is a fun yet challenging time for bakers. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional, you understand the work that goes into successful holiday baking. So before getting those mixing bowls out, read my valuable tips for organizing a holiday baking schedule. 

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Plan Ahead

The first rule to holiday baking is planning early. A few weeks before the holidays, sit down and plan out everything you want to bake. This list will give you an overall idea of the time, effort, and ingredients you need. 

If you’re baking for multiple events, you can create separate lists for baked goods and their due dates. Here is an example list:

  • Work potluck event (November 15th) – One chocolate cake and twenty vanilla cupcakes. 
  • Aunt Carol’s Thanksgiving Dinner (November 25th) – Two pumpkin pies.
  • Dan’s Holiday party (December 8th) – Three dozen of sugar cookies and one Black Forest cake. 

Take Inventory 

Before heading off to the grocery store, take inventory of ingredients and baking tools you already have. Then, you will avoid buying unnecessary items or having an influx of specific products. For example, I understand frosting is yummy, but you don’t need six jars when making two cakes. 

Create a Shopping List

After you take inventory of the items you have, it’s time to create a shopping list. First, write down all the ingredients you need for every recipe you’re making. Doing so will allow you to understand which items you need to stock up on. 

For instance, if you have multiple recipes that use vanilla extract, you can buy a few containers. You can also buy ingredients that enhance the flavor of baked sweets for an elevated dessert taste. 

Choose a Baking Day

Pencil a designated baking day into your calendar. This will give you a clear focus on the baking activities for the day. If you’re making a lot of holiday treats, schedule extra baking days. 

Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete all baking projects. You don’t want to start baking the morning of the holiday and find yourself frosting cookies on the way to grandma’s house. 

I understand how hectic the holiday season can get, especially for bakers, but don’t stress yourself out with your baking tasks. Instead, refer to my tips for organizing a holiday baking schedule for help.

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