The Best Spices To Warm Your Food and Drinks

It’s cold outside, and you need something tasty and warm. So check out this list of the best spices to warm your food and drinks for great suggestions.

Here’s Some of The Best Spices to Warm Your Food and Drinks

During the colder months, we gravitate towards warm food and drinks. Not only do they heat us, but they taste delicious.

Outside the temperature of the food and drink, you can add spices to make things taste warm. Keep reading to find out the best spices to warm your food and drinks today.

Best spices to warm your food and drink - nutmeg, cinnamon.


Nutmeg is the integral ingredient for eggnog, but you can add it to other food and drinks elevate to the taste. For example, top your cup of hot chocolate with nutmeg shavings, sprinkle this spice in your dessert sauces, or season your meat with a dash of this flavor enhancer.

It’s also important to understand that nutmeg has a strong taste, so a little goes a long way. A subtle amount of nutmeg will not only warm your dish but will add a bittersweet flavor.


Cinnamon is a spice that many people associate with fall and winter. It serves as a topping for seasonal drinks and an ingredient in beloved holiday desserts. However, you can use this spice year-round.

Use cinnamon in spice blends for curry seasonings, pot roasts, and pork chops. You can also go the traditional route and incorporate cinnamon in your pies, crisp toppings, and favorite desserts. It will warm up any dish.


Ginger is a versatile spice that compliments roasted vegetables with meat, carrot soup, and stir-fries. It also promotes healthy digestion. For example, you can make a warming herbal cocktail with a blend of cinnamon and ginger to create a nice treat for your body.

Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne pepper powder is a spice that brings the heat. If you’re a fan of spicy meals, you can add this spice to marinades, stews, soups, and curry dishes. You can also add it to other dishes when you want to increase its spice level.

If you’re feeling experimental, you can add cayenne pepper to tea, smoothies, and juice for a spicy yet tasty beverage.

When it’s cold outside, we naturally gravitate toward warm foods. They heat our bodies, and they’re tasty. However, you can also make your meals taste warm with a few spices. Hopefully, this list of the best spices to warm your food and drinks will help you.

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