Unique Cookie Decorating Ideas for Autumn

Are you looking to get into the fall spirit this year? Check out these unique cookie decorating ideas for autumn if you need some fun fall recipes.

Explore these unique cookie decorating ideas for autumn if you want to get into the season with some fun fall treats.

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Candy Corn Cookies

Is it a cookie disguised as candy disgusted as corn, or is it the other way around? You can make your own miniature candy corn cookies with some cookie dough, orange food dye, and yellow candy melts. 

First, you’ll want to prep all your dough, split it into three pieces, and dye one orange. Then, in a baking tray, layer each of them with the orange in the middle. Once you’ve pressed them together, bake the cookies. 

When cooked, cut the cookie into triangles about the size of actual candy corn. At this point, you should have triangle cookies that are white on each side, with an orange middle. To finish them off, dunk the base of the triangles into the yellow candy melt. 

Leaf Cookies

Whether you’re in Vermont or not, you probably have an unexplainable fascination with the beauty of fall leaves. And, since you can make a cookie into just about everything, why not leaves? During autumn, some grocery stores might carry leave cookie cutters, but if not, their shape is simple enough that you can hand carve it with a knife or baking tool. 

The real effect lies in the icing: yellow, red, orange, and green are the primary colors you’ll use. Also, for the cleanest look, use white icing and then apply a food color spray. The spray will allow you to layer colors for a more natural look.

Easy Prep Turkey Cookies

If you want to enjoy a delicious cookie with a fabulous decoration but don’t want to bake anything, you can make these turkeys out of everyday store-bought treats. You’ll need candy corn, Oreos, mini peanut butter cups, Whoppers, icing, and M&Ms. 

First, use icing and push the mini peanut butter cup into the base of an Oreo, so the cup looks like a body and the Oreo the feathers. Then, stick the candy corn into the icing of the Oreo, creating an arch. 

Attach a Whopper to the top of the peanut butter cup with icing to look like a head. Lastly, apply the M&M’s as eyes. This turkey is a simple craft that only takes minutes to do, and your family is sure to love it. 

Any one of these unique cookie decorating ideas for autumn is sure to be a fan favorite at any party or fall family function.

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