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10 Welcome to Summer Recipes

Try these oh so good Summer Recipes! A shortlist of 10 recipes that you'll want to try and enjoy. Recipes found @LittleFiggyFood

The Heat is ON!

Here are 10 Summer recipes that seriously scream yummy all over.

If like me, you’ve already been hanging out at your grill, sharing good times and making new *almost* summer memories. I’m all about summer food and love love love finding new ways to up the flavor and trying out even better ways on how to perfect that oh so perfect burger.

If you are wondering, my preference for cooking during those roasting hot days, is on an old fashioned charcoal grill. Don’t get me wrong, I do find just about any kind of grill a work of perfection, but the flavor of a charcoal grill is hard to beat. I will cook almost any thing on a grill, except churn ice cream, I’ve found that one impossible. Although, I might cold smoke some and I just might be very soon!

Summer Recipes + Friends & Family = Great Memories

So now, here’s my shortlist of what epitomizes the best summer fare, from icy cold drinks to hot ridiculously delicious meaty burgers and let’s not forget those must make sides to finish off the list.

Try this slow cooker Pulled Pork Sandwich that is perfect piled up and finished off with caramelized onions. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
Okay, so this is the best ever Pulled Pork Sandwich piled high with caramelized onions. 

Baked Beans are a must for summer. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
I can’t imagine a summer cookout without Baked Beans

This is our favorite for grilling up just about any meat, Smokey Spice Rub. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
This is a bodacious Smokey Spice Rub, perfect for adding some oomph to most any meat. 

Hushpuppies! Seriously good and great for fish fry's and BBQ's. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
Hushpuppies! Oh yes, and oh yum, they are a must for any fish fry and love to hang out at a BBQ.

Key Lime BBQ Sauce is the perfection of tang and slightly sweet, taste great on Ribs or chicken. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
This is one of my favorite BBQ sauces and goes well smeared over a meaty rack of ribs or chicken, Key Lime BBQ Sauce.

Oh my goodness, this by far the best Mushroom Swiss Burger. My mama would be proud. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
My goodness, I’m needing this Mushroom Swiss Burger now! A classic.

This is exactly what you need at your next summer shindig, Shrimp Cocktail! Love me some shrimp. Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
So quick and easy to make, oh my this is some good stuff, Shrimp Cocktail.

Roasted Corn Salad makes for a refreshing side salad and would be great for your next Mexican fiesta - @LittleFiggyFood - #Salad
This Roasted Corn Salad has a lot of incredible flavors going on.

Create some great memories with this smile worthy Cherry Limeaid! Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
Who loves a good Cherry Limeaid!?! So refreshing and will be sure to put some smiles on lots of faces.

Sweet Iced Tea, the ultimate refreshing, southern drink! Recipe found @LittleFiggyFood
The southern favorite, Sweet Iced Tea! You’re welcome y’all.

Enjoy your summer, and make lots of great memories.

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