The Reasons Why Wild Foods Are Healthier

If you’re wondering about the reasons why wild foods are healthier than regular cultivation, you just need to look at the difference in nutrients and taste.

The Reasons Why Wild Foods Are Healthier

Even though it may seem a bit odd, many people don’t realize how good food is when you naturally grow and harvest it. This doesn’t mean you should go eat random plants and foods you find in nature; however, you should choose food that companies harvest from the wild, as it can be better than food people cultivate and grow.

Here are the reasons why wild foods are healthier and better than cultivated foods.

Wild food - Chanterelles Mushrooms

Lack of GMO

One of the biggest differences between wild food and normal cultivation of food is the lack of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in wildcraft. GMOs do a lot to help feed people who are unable to grow food in their climate, but they lack the same health benefits and taste of produce from a normal garden.


Wild foods grow anywhere they please, meaning they expose themselves to a wider variety of nutrients. These plants then absorb these nutrients, creating foods with a larger diversity of nutrients than careful cultivation might yield. In the end, this makes wild food much healthier than normal food.

Lack of Pesticides

Because there is nobody around to constantly care for and spray down the growing food, wild foods aren’t subject to the same pesticides as other types of produce.

While this means wild foods are more vulnerable, you can rest assured that any foods that do make it won’t have trace amounts of the pesticide in them. Although normal foods only have a small amount of pesticides, wild foods completely avoid the issue.


This is a lot harder to prove, as taste is subjective, but several studies show that wild food does taste better than their GMO and cultivated counterparts. You can definitely tell the differences in taste and texture among certain foods, such as sea moss.

This is why it’s important that you can tell the difference between wildcrafted and cultivated sea moss and other foods.

These are just some of the reasons why wild foods are healthier for you than cultivated foods. Again, don’t try to eat random food you find; instead, buy foods that only come from wildcraft techniques to greatly improve the health benefits and flavor of your food.

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