What Are the Different Types of Home Grills?

Are you wondering what the different types of home grills are? Read this post to find a detailed list of the different variations on the market.

What Are the Different Types of Home Grills?

Are you looking for a new grill, but you aren’t sure what the options are? Rather than spend all day wondering, “What are the different types of home grills?” read on to find out!

Charcoal Home Grill


Charcoal has been a longtime go-to for backyard grill masters. Charcoal grills range from the smaller kettle cooker to larger barrel-like cookers. Air comes in through vents under the coals and then escapes out the top of the grill.

If you’re a beginner at using charcoal, be aware that it can take a while to get going, but once heated, the coals can hold a constant temperature better than a wood fire grill.

Larger grills will have an offset smoker, so you can use the grill as a smoker for larger meats, although you should use wood chips or logs for that. At the end of the day, people love charcoal for its deep smokey flavors and ease of use.


Kamado grills, or “egg grills,” have started to gain popularity in recent years. Kamado grills are called “egg grills” because of their long oval shape.

The typical kamado will have thick ceramic walls, and depending on the size, they can weigh around 100 to 500 pounds.

Kamados work like charcoal grills, but they can get much hotter in a shorter amount of time because of their thick walls. They work great when you need to cook at high temperatures or cut down on cook times, although they take about an hour to get up to heat.

Grillers will often use a kamado as a replacement for a traditional smoker.


A wood pellet grill shouldn’t be confused with a traditional smoker. A pellet grill uses small pellets about the size of a pea, which you load into a hopper.

From the hopper, they feed into a burn pot that heats the grill. Pellets come in different flavors so you can cook your meat in your favorite woods, like hickory or applewood.

Gas and Propane

If you’re looking for the most leisurely cooking, gas and propane are what you want. While you will miss out on wood flavors, these grills can heat in seconds for fast cook times.

Also, since they don’t rely on natural fire, you can keep the heat constant. Propane grills will run off a refillable propane tank. However, if you have a built-in outdoor kitchen, you can opt for a gas grill that connects directly to your home’s natural gas line.


Electric grills are the way to go if you live in an apartment or are looking for a portable grill. You simply need to plug these grills into a wall, and they’re typically designed to sit on a countertop.

Now that you know what the different types of home grills are, you can pick out the perfect one for your cooking needs.

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