3 Different Ways To Make Your Salad Taste Better

If you eat salad the same way every day, it can quickly become boring and bland. Find out the different ways you can make your salad taste better.

Salads are a dynamic meal many people enjoy since they are as delicious as they are nutritious. However, you may find yourself struggling to make a salad that rivals restaurant quality.

Whether you eat salads every day or wish to incorporate this meal into your diet more, you should know about the different ways you can make your salad taste better.

Easy to make Farmers Arugula Peach Salad -  how to make salad tastes better.

Massage Your Greens 

It may seem odd to massage your salad greens, but there’s a good reason for doing this.

If you love adding dark, leafy, tough greens to your salad, you know how hard it can be to chew them. This is particularly true of salad staples, such as kale, cabbage, and Swiss chard. 

Massaging those greens helps break down their tough fibers, which makes it easier for your body to digest them. Moreover, you’ll find that this trick also helps your greens taste better.

Massaging your tougher greens before adding them to your salad or tossing them with your vinaigrette helps them better absorb flavors.   

Add Starchy Vegetables

A starchy vegetable is an often overlooked addition to salads. However, adding diced pieces of starchy vegetables, such as sweet potato, is a way to make your salad taste better. 

You’ll love the texture and flavor combination that comes from including something warm in your salad.

And if you plan to add a warm, cooked vegetable to your salad, consider using darker, leafy greens, as the heat won’t wilt those greens like it would iceberg lettuce. 

Switch Up Your Dressings

One of the best parts about salad is the dressing. And when it comes to salad dressing, the sky’s the limit!

Next time you make your salad, you might consider choosing a different dressing than your go-to. Unsure of what to try next?

A sesame-ginger vinaigrette is one of the most popular dressings to include in your salad. This dressing has it all, as it’s refreshing, sweet, and mouth-wateringly tangy. If you enjoy Asian cuisine, then you’ll likely love sesame-ginger dressing.

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