Healthy Eats: The 5 Best Fish To Eat To Improve Your Health

Want to eat healthier, but don’t know where to start? Look to the sea. Fish and other types of seafood are packed with health benefits—check out a few.

You’ve probably heard about how great fish is for your health. Omega-3s! Omega-6s! Fish oil! You know seafood is good for you, but when it’s time to shop for groceries, which fish do you pick?

Healthy Eats: The 5 Best Fish To Eat To Improve Your Health

healthy fish to eat

Take inspiration from this list of the best fish to eat if you want to boost your health. 

1. Cod

We’ve known for many years that cod liver oil is rich in vitamins and can boost your bone health and immune system. You don’t need to spoon it directly into your mouth, though—make a healthy and delicious meal!

Pan sear a fish fillet and top it with a piccata sauce for supreme taste and health benefits, a must-try healthy eats

2. Rainbow Trout

Enjoy a protein-rich meal with the health perks of omega-3 fatty acids by baking up some rainbow trout and garnishing it with lemon and garlic.

You can reap those health rewards with a clear conscience, too; rainbow trout is nowhere near in danger of extinction. There’s plenty for everyone. 

3. Halibut

If you’re concerned about your heart’s health, pick up a few fillets of halibut—wild-caught, if, at all possible, it’s another great healthy fish to eat.

The amazing benefits of Alaskan halibut include lowering your triglyceride levels and keeping your cholesterol in check. The high levels of niacin will also keep your skin healthy and glowing!

4. Sardines

These tiny, oily fish have reached superfood status in recent years because of—you probably guessed it—their high omega-3 levels.

Yes, even the canned variety is amazing for your health, because either way, you’re eating the whole fish, bones, and all. (Don’t worry; they essentially dissolve, and they’re a great source of calcium to boot.)

5. Wild Salmon

They’re big, they’re oily, and they’re jam-packed with the vitamins and fatty acids your body needs to function properly.

Wild-caught salmon in particular is richer in nutrients and lower in saturated fat than the farmed variety. 

Incorporating more seafood into your diet is a reliable (and yummy) way to improve your health. Some of the best healthy fish to eat will come from the wild, but don’t discount canned varieties either!

Buy fresh fish at your local grocery store, at the fishmonger, or even online to jump-start your health.

Tasty Recipes to Try:

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