Food Concious? Here are 4 Food Myths You Should Know the Truth About

There are plenty of myths in this world, and many relate to food. Here are the food myths you should know the truth about so that you can stop living in fear.

Food Myths You Should Know the Truth About

The world is full of misunderstandings about food and about how the human body works. Once these misunderstandings take hold, they turn into full-blown myths. Here are just some of the most common food myths you should know the truth about so that you can stay healthy.

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Fasting Leads to Weight Loss

When you only eat a single large meal, eat only within a specific window, or skip meals altogether, your body can lose weight because you are operating on a caloric deficit.

However, here’s the food myth, your body will soon go into starvation mode where it holds onto calories, not knowing when the next meal is coming.

This mode means you will no longer lose weight but stay the same if not even gain weight.

The Tongue Map

One of the first concepts health classes across the world teach is that humans have a tongue map, meaning some parts detect saltiness, sweetness, bitterness, etc.

Some wine experts have crafted specialty glasses so that the wine goes to the “correct” part of the mouth. 

Truthfully, when you eat something or drink a glass of wine, taste receptors send information to your brain. The mind interprets taste; tongue maps are a myth.

You Need To Cleanse Your Body

Day in and out of eating greasy fried food is not suitable for you, but neither is only drinking juice.

A juice cleanse will not clear your body of toxins. Instead, it will deprive you of essential grains, proteins, fiber, and healthy fats that you need. 

Juice can have great vitamins and minerals that you need. Without the other stuff, you will keep feeling sluggish.

You Need To Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day

This food myth is sort of based on truth, but it is much more complicated.

People must hydrate, but eight may not be the number for everyone. It could be more or less, and other drinks such as tea or soup will also contribute to one’s hydration.

These food myths you should know the truth about will not go away. More misunderstandings will also probably turn into myths.

With food, you need to always trust what your doctors tell you and listen to what your body signals to you.

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